Everyone has generally heard or talked about accounting more than their own occupation, and that’s because most of us used to think that accounting is about taxes, mainly. And this is because this field is one of the main engines of the economic world in which we live.

When you are employed in a corporation, accounting is a land of fantasy that we don’t dare to approach and to which we easily send anything related to invoices, receipts, in general, anything primarily related to accounting and finance.

But the moment you step into the business world on your own, accounting becomes the best ally you need when you have to make decisions about the future of your business. And this is generating the status of your financial health.

In the same room with the accounting itself

So this is the moment you understand that accounting is systematic and is about a detailed recording of your financial transactions. Of course, this will be different depending on the business magnitude, like for example accounting for individuals, self-employed or limited companies, meaning “custom made” applicability from individuals or small businesses to corporations or even government.

Accounting plays a vital role in running a business because mostly is about debit and credit, indeed, but actually, it helps you to track profit and loss, providing you with the best financial info which can be used in making decisions.

Why do you need accounting or bookkeeping?

  1. Gives you the super-power to stay organized!!
  2. Provides you with a backup in terms of tax return claims
  3. Is the best guide in decision-making
  4. It’s necessary for getting investments or loans
  5. Never worry about changing legislation

So stop asking yourself if accounting exams are hard and hire a team of specialists that will save your business from critical aspects, your time, and who knows, maybe even your life through this.

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