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LEXAROX ACCOUNTS is a fast growing Accountancy and Consultancy company based in London, UK, providing complete accounting and financial solutions to individuals, small business-owners, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.


Accounting Solution

LEXAROX ACCOUNTS is a fast growing Accountancy and Consultancy company based
in London, UK, providing complete accounting and financial solutions to individuals,
small business-owners, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.



Business Consultancy

At Lexarox Accounts we believe that everyone has a dream when it comes to financial independence but making it real is the hard part!

We stay up-to-date with the latest accreditations

LEXAROX ACCOUNTS is a fully registered with HMRC Tax Body for Agents and Advisers. LEXAROX ACCOUNTS services are in full agreement with the AAT Professional Code of Ethics, the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, as approved by the International Federation of Accounts.
We are proud to confirm that our company is complying with new EU Data Protection and our staff is certified and has successfully passed GDPR training

Easy to use tools to help manage your accounts.

We are proud partners of QuickBooks and Xero, the world’s number 1 online accounting softwares.
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What are we doing now?

We care a lot about our clients, so we offer specialised consultancy and professional services to make sure that they are fully satisfied. We provide full accounting solutions and specialised services, such as:
  • Register Companies, Sole Traders and Partnership
  • Book-keeping in specialised online accounting software
  • VAT Returns
  • Payroll & Pension Scheme
  • Self-Assessment and Tax Return claims
  • Tax Penalty cancellation
  • Corporation Tax calculation
  • Year End Accounts
  • Accountant’s Reference
  • Legal consultancy on tax, employment and business issues.
Our expertise will help you be as tax efficient as possible. We know that every business is different. By building relationships, we ensure that all our work is highly informed and tailored to your needs. We do take responsibility for our work. We have years of experience that covers a multitude of professional fields, from Constructions Industry to Transport Companies, IT, Cleaning, Catering, Medical Care, and Beauty Services. Our staff has expertise in the Law field as well, so the business consultancy that we offer includes both financial and legal services. Apart from being an Accounting Technician, our Managing Director, Andreea graduated with a Master of Laws and Legal Practice Diploma from The University of Law in London. Now, her expertise offers specific knowledge in Contract Law, Business Law, Taxation, Dispute Resolution and others. Besides other projects in which her knowledge and experience brings a benefit, Andreea had the opportunity to work closely with Commercial US lawyers during an internship at a law firm in New York. Her work was appreciated, so she started to network with people from the USA and when she returned to London, she decided to expand Lexarox’s services to cover clients from United States, who wanted to open businesses in the UK or other matters. We are happy to offer professional services to American clients that wish to set up business in the UK in both legal and financial field through to our company and also through our licenced collaborating partners.

Who are we?

We are the ones who can hold your hand while taking your first steps towards a great business in the United Kingdom. London is this amazing and busy city where everything seems possible! This place inspires people to make changes, to create, to learn and to improve themselves. But living or carrying business in London is not always easy or straightforward. It is a daily challenge that requires your attention and your ability to find solutions. We know this because we’re all coming from different backgrounds and went through the same process of overcoming personal, communicational and bureaucratic limitations. Lexarox Accounts is a London-based Accountancy and Consultancy firm specialised in small and medium size companies, that responds to most of our client’s requirements with great attention to detail and professionalism. Currently we have a portfolio of over 700 clients that we keep accounts for; these includes over 200 companies, 500 self-employed and individuals all over England and Wales. Over the years we managed to remain up to date with all the changes in tax laws and we are planning to do so through continuously professional development and adapting to any new political changes that the country might suffer.

How did it all start?

Lexarox Accounts was established in October 2013 by Andreea Roxana Deac. Her vision was initially to help other European foreigners new in the UK, but not limited, to understand better the steps, responsibilities and benefits implied in a commercial activity in the United Kingdom as well as living and complying with the country’s laws and regulations. Andreea wanted to create a company that would inspire trust and a long-standing friendship with the customers. Now, the company reflects her dream. At the beginning, the company’s services included financial consultancy, documentation translation, Tax Returns, bookkeeping for individuals and self-employed professionals, followed by keeping accounts for businesses mainly with foreign owners. Our main market segments were skilled workers and business owners of London’s expat communities. We also assisted unemployed workers to apply for various governmental social programs as well as gaining residential status and citizenship in the UK. The company has grown significantly, acquiring new technology, adapting to legislative changes, increasing in staff and offering new services on a regular basis.

Why should you choose us?

We believe that everyone has a dream when it comes to financial independence but making it real is the hard part! We are the ones that guide while making your dream come true! We know you know how to do your things! We will just give you some precious tips and take over some time-consuming tasks! By working with us, you don’t just gain a lot of confidence in your business activity, you also gain free time that you can spend in the way you enjoy the most! The reason is because we have patience and we understand you. We use highly efficient methods of transferring information and most of the accounting system is automized. As described above, our expertise is not based only from the tax point of view, it is also from the legal side of a business. We offer to our clients financial and legal consultancy meaning precious information when it comes to engaging into any commercial activity in the UK. Not to mention the money you can save if you have the right knowledge at the right time. Quality services are always provided by professional team! Our company offers trainings to the employees and a professional environment conducive to development. In addition, we invest in our personnel skills and education as they are very important to us. The Lexarox Team is always trying to improve their skills and knowledge, acquiring various qualification or attending specialised workshops and seminars. We are also proud to have such a multicultural staff in our office speaking fluently a total of 8 different languages giving you the comfort of speaking in your own language.

How do we see the future?

Trustful business relationships and successful businesses will always be our prime objective. Our goal is to transform Lexarox into an international Brand that will inspire trust and professionalism. The way in which we planning to do so will be by expanding our client portfolio and services to other parts of the world that would have an interest in doing business within the UK’s territory. We plan to organise internships for passionate young people and to offer them opportunities to learn and gain some precious experience. We are competitive professionals and we are keen to participate to business conferences and exhibitions interacting with other professionals from our filed, but not limited, events such as The Business Show, Accountex, AAT or QB Connect. Franchise opportunities – coming soon.

Where can you find us?

Feel free to give us a call to find out more about how we can help you grow your business and individual needs!

Our office is based in one of London’s entrepreneur hubs, with a central location.

Unit B2 Ment House, 1B Mentmore Terrace, London, E8 3DQ

0208 533 1358

0792 883 0368 / 0747 235 6282 /

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Our professional taxation accountants work closely with individuals, small businesses and large companies to minimise taxation and deliver significant savings.


We provide advanced payroll services for clients who utilise our accounting and bookkeeping services. Our highly skilled and expert payroll managers have extensive experience across a large range of industries.

Accounts Preparation

Preparing financial accounts for limited companies remains one of our main activities and their production is essential to ensure that our clients comply with legislation.


We offer business accountancy services and bookkeeping services so you can focus on what you do best: managing your business. Whether you need a bookkeeper to manage your payroll, or wish to outsource your entire accounting function, we can help.

I had personal attention and advice from the approachable staff, who have helped me not only to submit documents on time, but also to grow my business. I would recommend Lexarox Accounts to everyone.


I wanted to say a huge thank you to Andreea who has been so helpful and responsive to my questions. This whole experience is completely new to me, and with setting up my new business, managing that is hard enough, let alone all the information about all the laws and guidelines that comes with running your own company.


Very professional accountant!! Highly recommend Lexarox Accounts to everyone.


Everything was perfect.


Very reliable, responsible, unique and professional accountancy company! Simply brilliant, hard working team with so much potential. Keep up the good work!!


Lexarox Accounts made my life easy and I’m really happy that I work with them. They are very professional people and every time I had a question or something that I didn’t understand they help me with pleasure. I’m happy to work with them and I would recommend it to everybody.

– Alin Buleandrea, Director, ARCA FAM LTD

Very satisfied with the service.The offer they present you at the beginning is clear, so you know what you are paying for and thanks God they are not ripping you off like others do. There is no waffling and it’s all very much straight to the point with impeccable customer service! I will continue to use their services for sure! Lexarox, you have lifted a massive weight off my shoulders when did my accounts as I bet I was not the most organised client of yours, but you have been extremely professional sorting my queries out. Thank you!

– Paul Alexandru Leescu, Director, BACK TO FUTURE LTD

I’ve been with them in the past 2 years. A group of professionals and very helpful people which helped my business grow up, definitely! I’m satisfied with their services and I highly recommend them!

– Daniel Nica, Director, DANIEL SITE SOLUTIONS LTD

One thing characterises your company, professionalism!


The best accounting firm which I worked with in the last 4-5 years. Very responsive, reliable and helpful. I will highly recommend.


Just the best.


Meet our friendly and efficient team at Lexarox

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Andreea Deac

Andreea Deac

Managing Director

Anamaria Bodin

Anamaria Bodin

Accountant Assistant

Monica Mureșan

Monica Mureșan


Melinda Creț

Melinda Creț


Raluca Anti

Raluca Anti

Admin Manager

Inga Coreni

Inga Coreni

Credit control

Alina Alexescu

Alina Alexescu


Cristina Beleuță

Cristina Beleuță

Payroll & VAT Assistant

Liliana Grădinaru

Liliana Grădinaru


Essential Packages Lexarox Accounts

LEXAROX ACCOUNTS services are in full agreement with the AAT Professional Code of Ethics, the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, as approved by the International Federation of Accounts.

Extra service can be added anytime, as well it can be remove if is not needed anymore. For any additional changes in the contract the price will be renegotiate to reflect a monthly rate for all services.

Lexarox Payroll is part of Lexarox Group’s financial and legal services. We are offering bespoke payroll solutions to small and medium-sized companies from England and Wales. Through our experience in the field of accounting and payroll, we understand how important is for our clients a professional relationship based on transparency and trust.

That is why we will explain to you any process as simple as possible, and on your understanding, so you can make the best choices for your business.

Lexarox Legal is the latest branch of Lexarox Group and is dedicated specifically to providing legal services. Our vision is to make legal services more accessible and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses, and also individuals. In the absence of a legal department in your company, you can ask for legal advice from a dedicated agency, and gain the advantage of a partner specialist to protect your interests and rights.

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