In the complex world of construction, handling tax responsibilities can feel overwhelming, particularly for subcontractors enrolled in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). It’s vital to grasp the various CIS tax treatments, including deduction rates and gross payment status, to effectively manage your financial affairs.


CIS Tax Treatments Explained

The CIS entails three primary tax treatments:

0% – Gross Treatment: Under this treatment, contractors do not make deductions from your payments, and you’re responsible for settling all tax and National Insurance contributions at the end of the tax year.

20% – Under Deduction: Contractors typically deduct tax at the standard rate of 20% from your payments.

30% – Higher Rate: If you’re not registered for CIS, cannot be verified, or provide incorrect business information, contractors may apply a higher deduction rate of 30%.

How to Obtain Gross Treatment

Securing gross payment status is advantageous for subcontractors as it eliminates deductions from their payments. To qualify for gross treatment:

  • Register for CIS and apply for gross payment status during registration.
  • Ensure contractors receive your correct legal business name and Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) to facilitate verification.
  • Provide evidence for expenses not subject to CIS deductions, such as VAT, equipment, and direct material costs.


Getting Paid Correctly

For subcontractors, receiving accurate payments from contractors is based on providing correct business details. Contractors typically make deductions at the standard 20% rate unless circumstances warrant a higher deduction. Monthly statements detailing payments and deductions aid in reconciling tax liabilities with HMRC.


Navigating CIS tax treatments is essential for subcontractors to manage their financial responsibilities effectively. Whether aiming for gross treatment or understanding deduction rates, staying informed empowers subcontractors to optimize their tax obligations and ensure compliance within the construction industry.

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